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Notes from one futilely attempting brevity

24 July
peace is lovely
a message from the people of earth

all shades of green, ancestors, anticipation, any color but purple, art, art deco/nouveau, beatles, being late, bells, biking as transportation, biodiesel, bird cages, birds, bjork, blizzards, bookmaking, books without plots, boondocks, brothers, casters, catholic symbolism, catholicism, cities, clouds, color, conjoined twins, crafting, decemberists, decorating, diy, drawing, dressing up, dumpster diving, eavesdropping, either hepburn, epidemiology, ethical consumerism, etiquette, fabric, family, feathers, flocked wallpaper, foreboding, foucault, garage sales, geography, gerard manley hopkins, giving, glitter, goldfish, grammar, graphic design, gregorian chant, grey, harry potter, hexagonal tiles in bathrooms, ice storms, ideas, inks, inspiration, invasion biology, irish creams, jackie o, job offers, kitchen utensils, labor unions, lampshades, languages, layers of meaning, leaves, liberal politics, library card catalogs, lists, making impossible plans, manual labor, maryjanes, mc solaar, minneapolis, mixed race, mpls, necrogeography, olives, optimists, orange, paring down, patterns, pearls, people watching, philanthropy, philosophical/ethical conundrums, pink, plaster & lathe, playing soccer, polka dots, polka-dots, pope jp ii, poppies, protests, public transit, radiators, radio, rearranging furniture, recycling, red, respect, reuse, revolution, ribbons, riding the bus, rocks, running, saints, salt, sewing, shopping, shorthand, silk, simon and garfunkel, snow, social & environmental justice, sparkly things, stinky cheeses, sushi, sweet creamy coffee, tea, textiles, the common good, therapy, things sorted by color, thread, three-tined forks, thresholds, thrift stores, thrifting, thunderstorms, toasted sesame oil, topographical maps, trains, trees, typewriter, typography, umbrellas, unions, urban landscapes, vintage electric fans, vintage fabric, wings, winter, wool, words